What makes the Edu-Source Difference

The advantage we provide to our customer is simple...

We understand the importance of turn-key design concepts, tailored solutions for each school and bridging the gap between possibilities and implemented federal food program funding opportunities. We believe our proven expertise and project offerings will provide game-changing strategies within your food program coupled with cutting-edge, modern atmospheres that you, your students and community will love.

We bring it all together!

  • Tailored solutions to meet customer timelines, budgets and expectations
  • Cutting-edge restaurant quality aesthetics, layouts, furniture and technology 
  • Techniques and activities for building student excitement to anchor success
  • Turn-key planning, design and installation services

We bring you high-quality customer service and expertise

  • Our local presence provides real-time access to a wide array of expertise
  • Fluency in federal food program policy processes to help navigate challenges
  • Expedited design and installation process to meet tight dead-lines
  • Advanced project monitoring tools to provide visibility into key milestones

Our Mission

The Edu-Source Corporation's goal is to aide, support, and promote your school district's food service department by "creating atmospheres that inspire."

Our Products and Services

Full Project Installs


Full project installs include an extensive redesign of your school cafeteria layout. Product and services include but are not limited to: indoor/outdoor furniture, design/branding services, art and decor.

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Dining Room Installs


Dining room installs concentrate specifically on creating as much seating possible with your space and budget. Products and services include, but are not limited to: dining room furniture, paint, art and decor.

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Serving Line Installs


Serving line installs concentrate on creating an inviting and structured serving area. Products and services include, but are not limited to:  art and decor, and que-lines.

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Specialty Projects


Let your imagine run wild! Specialty project installs include but are not limited to: coffee bars, food truck serving lines, mobile food bus delivery designs and outdoor seating.

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Breakfast Transportation Carts


We offer semi-customized and fully customized cart packages for breakfast-in-the-classroom transportation carts. Deliver breakfast efficiently and in style.

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Breakfast Bags and Accessories


Getting food there is only half the problem. We offer a large selection of food delivery seamless bags designed to keep food insulated to fit all your districts needs.

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